Our sport is suitable for all ages 13 and over, and you don’t need any prior experience to get started. Our experienced staff and players will show you the ropes and get you up to speed in no time.
Interested in our Social League? It’s open to anyone 13 and over, whether you’re joining alone, with a few friends, or as a full team of 5. We recommend full teams split in their first season or two to play alongside experienced players and learn the ropes. Our advanced handicapping system ensures that teams of varying skill levels can compete on an equal playing field, and our tournament administrators and senior players offer special training to show new players all the tricks and techniques of the game.
Wondering how hard Laser Sports is? There is a learning curve, but it’s a short one – within four weeks, you’ll be able to hold your own and know which positions to take. We even offer a special offer of $40 total for your first four weeks to help you through the initial learning curve. Plus, if you’re keen to improve your game, there will be plenty of opportunities.?
if you’re looking for even more competition beyond our local league, Australia has the healthiest Laser Sporting community in the world! Each year, we host the Zone Australasian Championships, which averages over 25 teams from around Australia and New Zealand. In March 2020, Zone 3 Darwin hosted the Australasian Titles – the perfect opportunity to train a Laser Tag team to play amongst the best.