Rules & Game Settings


Laser Tag is different from other sports because each game has 3 teams: Red, Blue, and Green. Each team has 5 players and a home base. Every player can destroy the enemy bases once each, so each team can destroy up to 10 bases per game.

You will earn 3001 points for destroying a base and 150 points for tagging another player. A team’s score is made up of points from both tags and base destroys.

In a typical game, most teams will have 2 or 3 players protecting their home base and 2 or 3 players attacking the enemy bases. As players destroy enemy bases, they will need to return home to swap with a defending player who still needs the base. Your Team Captain will handle all this coordination and swapping of players inside the game.

One big difference between public games and League games is base evacuation. Defending and attacking players battle over an area around the base stations called the base evacuation area. If you are in this area and you get tagged, you must leave the area before reactivating.

As a team becomes more advanced, they can gain an advantage by having defending players collect tags when no one is attacking them. A team’s ability to simultaneously collect tags, destroy bases, and reduce other teams’ scores by defending bases determines their success.

Player Settings

The game format used in Tuesday League is different from standard games. The game is akin to the settings in the Australasian Laser Tag Titles.

It includes the following settings.

  • 8 second Deactivation
  • 2 shots per second
  • 7 lives
  • 45 shots

How Does the league work

Each week, you’ll play 3 games and compete on behalf of your team as Red, Blue, and Green. For each win, your team will earn competition points: 6 for 1st place, 4 for 2nd place, and 2 for 3rd place. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team’s average score will determine their ranking, which we’ll post on our Zone 3 League page for you to share with your friends.

In week 10, the top 3 teams from each grade will compete in the playoffs to determine the overall champion. After the Grand Final, we’ll announce the results and present the trophies during the next season, congratulating the winning team.